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Kay Stewart – Testimonial 2008 Chevy Impala

To say that Kay Stewart from  is in love with her Phoenix Fuel Converter would be a huge understatement. An Administrative Professional who calls Hillsboro, Missouri home decided to purchase a Phoenix Fuel Converter to help improve the fuel efficiency of her 2008 Chevrolet Impala. Typically our Phoenix Fuel Converters love to be drive for extended miles – as the consistent flow of coolant through the fuel converters at higher speeds actually helps to improve the efficiency of the unit. Kay typically drives her car to and from work, to the grocery store and in town to run errands. However, for the past few months, she has seen a 20 percent increase in her fuel efficiency. When Kay had her fuel converter installed, she averaged 22.7 miles per gallon under typical driving conditions. Over the past 10 months, she has averaged 28.3 miles per gallon. I love my Phoenix Fuel Converter! I immediately noticed that my car had a lot more power. I also noticed that we didn’t have to stop for gas as often. We’ve never had any issues with it. In fact, I’ve almost forgotten we have it on the car! Wish we would have had one on it from the moment we purchased the car. It would have saved us a lot of money! Kay Stewart –...

Clancy Crooks – 2009 Toyota Camry Testimonial

In June 2015, The Phoenix Fuel Converter received an Executive Order from the California Air Resources Board to sell our units for vehicles under one-ton. One of our recent customers, Mr. Clancy Crooks from Cypress, California took notice and decided to purchase a Phoenix Fuel Converter – 100 Series for his four-cylinder 2009 Toyota Camry. After installation, Mr. Crooks instantly noticed an increase in throttle response as well as increased fuel economy. Below is the testimonial from Mr. Crooks. We thank him for taking the time to write to us, updating his satisfaction of our Phoenix Fuel Converter. Thank you guys at Phoenix Fuel Converter for installing this unit on my 2009 Toyota Camry. After installation the first thing I notice was the increased throttle response and performance. I drive this car 300 miles per week for work and have seen my miles per gallon go from 21 City to 24,5 and 31 Highway to 36.5 which is a 17% increase. With gasoline selling for around $4.00 in the Los Angeles area I enjoy this savings on a weekly basis. I fully believe in this product and would recommend it to anyone who wants to increase the gasoline mileage and performance of their car. Clancy Crooks – Cypress,...

Don Hothem – Dodge 3500 Ram Turbo Diesel Testimonial

We spend a great deal of time in our truck depending on it for any numbers of jobs. Whether it is ranch work, hauling cattle, or simply running to town for groceries it seems like we are always in the truck. Needless to say, we travel tons of miles and run-up a large fuel bill getting everything done. When we were approached by Catalyzed Fuel Technologies to run the Phoenix Fuel Converter on our truck I was excited about the possibilities and eager to see if CFT could back-up their claims. To say I am impressed would be quite the understatement. Quite honestly, we couldn’t be happier with the results. The throttle response has been greatly improved, the fuel efficiency has increased our fuel mileage (I actually get better mileage pulling the trailer then I did before when I wasn’t pulling anything…amazing), and there is next to no Particular Matter in my exhaust smoke even when I’m ‘standing’ on the accelerator. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone; it is worth every penny you spend! Don Hothem                                                                                                                                                            Hothem Cattle...

21 Percent Fuel Economy Savings with Phoenix Fuel Converter in Recent Testimonial

US Coast Guard Captain and Engineer Chris Shaffer gives us his unsolicited testimonial about how the Phoenix Fuel Converter helped him improve fuel economy by 21.4 percent in his Ford F-150 pick-up. When the Phoenix Fuel Converter was officially launched at SEMA 2014 several questions popped up from the entire automotive community. Armed with an official partnership with legendary automotive designer Chip Foose and the introduction of the Foose™ Performance Fuel converter at the largest automotive trade show in the United States, it became readily apparent that the Phoenix Fuel Converter was not your average, everyday aftermarket product. With this recent video testimony provided by US Coast Guard Captain Chris Shaffer and the increase in fuel economy, throttle response and reduced emissions he discovered in his F-150 Ford Pick-up, many questions about the dependability and legitimacy of the Phoenix Fuel Converter are beginning to be answered in a positive light. Phoenix Fuel Converter Officially Launched at SEMA 2014 Among the leading inquiries asked by automotive manufactures, professional race teams, and aftermarket manufacturers at SEMA 2014 was “how does the Phoenix Fuel Converter increase fuel mileage, while increasing horsepower and reducing emissions”? Well, let’s dig into some of the how’s and why’s of the Phoenix Fuel Converter and how this revolutionary coolant to catalyst heat exchanger can help any fuel injected, water cooled engine powered by unleaded gasoline, diesel fuel or natural gas improve fuel economy, increase horsepower and throttle response and burn up to 99 percent of the fuel inside the combustion chamber. First Question – What is the Phoenix Fuel Converter? The Phoenix Fuel Converter is a coolant...

Donnie Couch gets Phoenix Fuel Converter

Phoenix Fuel Converter Install on Donnie Couch’s car with Scott Taucher at Chip Foose’s shop. This video can be used as an installation guide for almost any vehicle. However, all vehicles are not created equal and installation may differ slightly on certain vehicles.

Sam Auxier Testimonial

What Sam Auxier Jr. had to say about the Phoenix Fuel Converter.
Mileage this weekend, this is mixed type of driving, highway, small towns 25 MPH to 60 MPH, but it worked!!!!!

Install on 2015 Kia Optima

Watch our newest install video on a brand new 2015 Kia Optima and hear from the owner after his first test drive.

Kalitta Motorsports

Wanted to express my extreme satisfaction & gratitude to you for installing the Fuel Converter Device on three of our race rigs…

Particulate Matter Reduction

“After installing the CFT device, we reduced particulate matter from an average of 34.5 to an average of 10.6 in the first 3 weeks”

Orange County

After installing the Fuel Converter on my Hemi Challenger, there was a noticeable performance gain and throttle response.

Chip Foose

WOW!!! Guys just have to say “thanks” The Fuel Converter you installed on my truck is amazing.

Craig Westminster, California

After having the Phoenix Fuel Converter device(s) installed in my 2003 Suburban LT 4X4 during the summer of 2013, I have noticed increased power and an increase in…

Beth Desoto, Missouri

Getting the Phoenix Fuel Converter put on our car was the best thing we have ever done for it!

Scott Breckenridge, Texas

I installed a Phoenix Fuel Converter. I now average 15.8 mpg in town and 18.5 to 19.5 mpg on the highway, keeping within speed limits

Jim Manley – Heat Transfer Solutions

The truck was getting approximately 13-13.5 MPG city driving and approximately 16 MPG on the highway. On August 25, 2014 I made a trip from Los Angeles to San Diego and out of curiosity I paid close attention to the computer data. I was absolutely amazed when the results reflected an average of 21.8 MPG round trip.

Thanks from Veronica

Our Chevy Tahoe was averaging 16.5 miles per gallon over 13,000 miles. Now with the CFT 200 we hit 19.6 mpg over 1500 miles of typical driving.