Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Phoenix Fuel Converter?

  • The Phoenix Fuel Converter is a coolant to catalyst heat exchanger that circulates heated water from the engines coolant to heat the Catalyst inside the catalyst chamber. By creating a catalytic reaction with the fuel, we are able to speed up its ability to vaporize inside the engines intake manifold and inside the cylinders. The catalyst reacts with the fuel molecules and helps them break down large Hydrogen/Carbon chains, so they will be able to be used earlier in the combustion process. Normally the larger Hydrogen /Carbon chains do not vaporize under normal OEM standards until very late in the combustion process if they vaporize at all while in the combustion chamber.
  • The Phoenix Fuel Converter does not make fuel. It allows more of the fuel going into the engine to vaporize earlier, which in turn enables more of the fuel to produce power not wasted as heat in the exhaust or as pollutants in the air. Essentially – The Phoenix Fuel Converter allows any unleaded gasoline or diesel fuel injected, water cooled engine to operate much more efficiently.

Was the Phoenix Fuel Converter designed as a Fuel Economy Product?

  • No, it was designed to increase engine performance by enhancing combustion. The positive side effect of the Phoenix Fuel Converter is that it was found to drastically reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

Is the Phoenix Fuel Converter going to give you better fuel mileage?

  • Yes, in most cases. However, fuel mileage also depends on the driver and the condition of the vehicle, in addition to how efficient the vehicle is from the factory. Other factors that could impact fuel economy includes seasonal changes in some diesel fuel formulas in colder weather climates.

Will it give you better throttle response and the feel of power?

  • With more of the fuel in the cylinder being already in a burnable state because of the Phoenix Fuel Converter, more fuel is ignited at the start of the stroke raising cylinder pressure. This in turn, will create more throttle response and more low end power.

Will the Phoenix Fuel Converter work on my carbureted engine?

  • It is not recommended due to the temperature of the fuel and the low fuel pressure carbureted fuel systems are operated.

Will it damage any part of my engine or leave deposits in my engine?

  • No, The Phoenix Fuel Converter is a true catalyst; meaning it changes the fuel without using or removing any of the catalyst itself.
  • In simple terms, it just makes a better grade of fuel so that more of the fuel is used rather than wasted.

Will The Phoenix Fuel Converter reduce the cost of maintenance on my vehicle?

  • In many ways; yes. With the way the Phoenix Fuel Converter works there will be reduced carbon build-up in the cylinder. In commercial diesel applications, the removal of up to 92% of particulate matter significantly reduces the need to continually reset new regeneration systems in over-the-road trucks. This improves on road efficiency. And for a large commercial fleet, these savings can considerably add up over an extended period of time.

Why has no one done this before?

  • This has been done before. Catalysts were used for power and fuel economy in the 1930’s and 1940’s but once lead was added to the fuel the lead coated the catalysts and made them useless.

Is my Phoenix Fuel Converter going to cause vapor lock?

  • No. That is why it is only to be used on fuel injected engines with 15 psi fuel pressure or higher. The fuel pressure raises the boiling point of the fuel and keeps it from vaporizing until it sprays out of the injector when we want as much vapor as possible.

Will a Phoenix Fuel Converter fix my worn out engine?

  • In most cases it will help your engine regain some of its power and help reduce its emissions simply by how it functions. However, it will not fix what is already worn out or broken.

Will my Phoenix Fuel Converter wear out?

  • No. However the catalyst can become less effective over time due to coating of the catalyst from contaminated fuel or leaded fuel. As long as a clean unleaded fuel is used there is very little chance of coating the catalyst.

Is the Phoenix Fuel Converter a Filter?

  • No. It will act as a filter catching dirt and deposits if a problem occurs with the OEM filter.

Is there a money back guarantee?

  • Yes. If you are not satisfied with the Phoenix Fuel Converter, there is a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.