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Letter from the Inventor

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The Phoenix Fuel converter has been tested and documented by CARB (California Air Resource Board), and their certified labs such as Olsen Ecological Engine Testing Facility located in California, CEE (California Environmental Engineering), and ATDS (Automotive Testing & Development Services, Inc.) also located in California. There has also been in depth analysis and research done by Roland De Marco and Professor Neil J. Gallagher of Webb Institute, located in Glen Cove, New York.

Doug Kalitta Captures Toyota Nationals Top Fuel Win in Vegas

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LAS VEGAS (November 1, 2015) – Doug Kalitta, driver of the Mac Tools Wrenching For A Cure Top Fuel dragster, picked up his third win on the season at the Toyota Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Kalitta struggled in day one in qualifying barely holding on to a top twelve spot going into Saturday. Crew chief Jim Oberhofer had enough. He had the Mac Tools crew take out the back-up chassis and it was much more consistent instantly. Kalitta better his run both times on Saturday. He earned the 13th starting spot running a 3.839 second pass. Fellow Countdown contender Steve Torrence was the first opponent. Torrence dropped a cylinder at the hit and Doug was on a run. Kalitta made his best run of the weekend, 3.791, to move on and earn lane choice over Richie Crampton in round 2. Crampton versus Kalitta was a tough match-up for the Mac Tools team, but Kalitta was ready at the tree and inched out just a bit further each time to move back to the semis for the first time since his win in Norwalk. But Kalitta was not done yet. In the battle with the pink tool cars, Kalitta beat Antron Brown by two inches with a stellar 3.774 second pass. That took Kalitta back to the finals in Las Vegas in back-to-back seasons and six overall. His opponent: the hungry multi-time champion Larry Dixon. Dixon and Kalitta were both stellar on the tree, but Dixon fell to immediate tire smoke. Although Kalitta blew an injector near the finish line, he was able to cross...
Team Kalitta Post-Race Report – Englishtown

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ENGLISHTOWN, NJ (June 7, 2015) – Alexis DeJoria, driver of the Patrón XO Café Incendio Toyota Camry Funny Car,advanced to her first final round of the season earlier today at Old Bridge Raceway Park during the Toyota NHRA Summernationals. DeJoria started qualifying with a great pass in the warmth of Englishtown, NJ. Tommy DeLago tuned DeJoria down the track in just 4.046 seconds, which placed her fourth after the first session. That run allowed the Patrón XO Café Incendio team to work on the raceday package throughout the final three sessions. DeJoria ended up dropping to tenth, and drew Topeka winner Jack Beckman in round one. DeJoria had the set-up for race conditions. She was clean right down the track and easily defeated a tire-smoking Beckman. Next up was the Top Fuel driver Dom Lagana, who was making his Funny Car debut. Lagana also had nothing for the DeLago run, as DeJoria screamed down the groove at 4.168 seconds to set-up the all-Team Kalitta funny car semi-final with her teammate Del Worsham. DeJoria was able to earn her first final round appearance and sixth of her career by barely defeating Worsham at the stripe. A great race in the final saw DeJoria take the lead at the 330 mark before coming up just short to Matt Hagan. It was a successful weekend for DeJoria in the point standings as she was able to move from tenth to eighth overall. Del Worsham, driver of the DHL Toyota Camry Funny Car, has been the most consistent machine throughout the nitro season, and those great runs continued throughout qualifying. Four straight passes...
Drag Racing Video of 2014 – VOTE TODAY!

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As the New Year quickly approaches, we’ve picked our top THREE videos that were produced in 2014 that tell the story of Drag Racing. We’d like to get your votes as to which one is your pick for Drag Racing Video of 2014.

21 Percent Fuel Economy Savings with Phoenix Fuel Converter in Recent Testimonial

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US Coast Guard Captain and Engineer Chris Shaffer gives us his unsolicited testimonial about how the Phoenix Fuel Converter helped him improve fuel economy by 21.4 percent in his Ford F-150 pick-up. When the Phoenix Fuel Converter was officially launched at SEMA 2014 several questions popped up from the entire automotive community. Armed with an official partnership with legendary automotive designer Chip Foose and the introduction of the Foose™ Performance Fuel converter at the largest automotive trade show in the United States, it became readily apparent that the Phoenix Fuel Converter was not your average, everyday aftermarket product. With this recent video testimony provided by US Coast Guard Captain Chris Shaffer and the increase in fuel economy, throttle response and reduced emissions he discovered in his F-150 Ford Pick-up, many questions about the dependability and legitimacy of the Phoenix Fuel Converter are beginning to be answered in a positive light. Phoenix Fuel Converter Officially Launched at SEMA 2014 Among the leading inquiries asked by automotive manufactures, professional race teams, and aftermarket manufacturers at SEMA 2014 was “how does the Phoenix Fuel Converter increase fuel mileage, while increasing horsepower and reducing emissions”? Well, let’s dig into some of the how’s and why’s of the Phoenix Fuel Converter and how this revolutionary coolant to catalyst heat exchanger can help any fuel injected, water cooled engine powered by unleaded gasoline, diesel fuel or natural gas improve fuel economy, increase horsepower and throttle response and burn up to 99 percent of the fuel inside the combustion chamber. First Question – What is the Phoenix Fuel Converter? The Phoenix Fuel Converter is a coolant...
Kalitta Motorsports Completes Remarkable Turnaround in 2014

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It’s often the goal of any professional organization to improve from year to year. But when it comes to the results driven home by the Kalitta Motorsports NHRA Professional Drag Racing team during the 2014 NHRA Mello Yello season, a 180-degree turnaround would be the understatement of the decade.

We pledged our support – will you?

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It seems everywhere you look these days, somebody has a new endeavor popping up on a crowd-funding website. However, occasionally, a project rises like a Phoenix to become a true source of inspiration that can – and will help others deal with adversity in their lives. Such is the case with the newest project brought to light from NHRA Top Fuel Crew Chief, and our close friend – Jim Oberhofer and his new book “Top Fuel for LIFE”.

Interview with Bob Lawson

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Bob Lawson, Business Manager at Kalitta Motorsports, talks about the Phoenix Fuel Converter and how he is impressed by the savings so far and is looking forward to the projected cost savings in the coming...