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The Phoenix Fuel Converter team Supports Top Fuel For Life by Jim Oberhofer

It seems everywhere you look these days, somebody has a new endeavor popping up on a crowd-funding website. However, occasionally, a project rises like a Phoenix to become a true source of inspiration that can – and will help others deal with adversity in their lives. Such is the case with the newest project brought to light from NHRA Top Fuel Crew Chief, and our close friend – Jim Oberhofer and his new book “Top Fuel for LIFE”.

jimoSupported by the professionals at True Growth Partners, Oberhofer, the Vice President of Operations for Kalitta Motorsports and crew chief of the Mac Tools NHRA Top Fuel Dragster driven by Doug Kalitta, has penned his first book highlighting a transformation that he and the entire Kalitta family have undergone in the past two years. Through facing personal life struggles and adversity; including the passing of Jim’s wife Tammy to cancer, to rekindling the relationship between Father and Daughter and a complete transformation that a professional motorsports team took; this book is chock-full of inspirational stories, step-by-step instruction and some enlightening, behind-the-scenes content that is sure to bring out the best in everybody that reads ‘Top Fuel for LIFE”.

Jim Oberhofer has taken the first step to share his powerful life story with anybody that is dealing with adversity in any capacity. He partnered with world-renown Legacy Coach Scott Garwood and Brian Marshall to pen this book. Together, they have assembled an amazing team who will manage the project, assist with the writing process, create powerful images, help in the publishing process and promote the book once it is complete. The biggest challenge we face is in managing the scope and cost of this project. With the team we have assembled we are confident that the risk will be minimal.

This is where the passionate fan-base of motorsports and the automotive industry can have a hand in activating this campaign. We’ve set the mark by donating to this outstanding project on Kickstarter.com. Take a few minutes to visit the Kickstarter Project, watch the video and review the awesome rewards offered to all donors. The entire team at Phoenix Fuel Converters appreciates your time and support.



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