phoenix1Introducing the Phoenix Fuel Converter (ARB Executive Order D-739) – a small, on-board fuel refinery that can be installed on any combustion engine that is water cooled, fuel injected and runs on unleaded gasoline, diesel fuel or natural gas.

The Phoenix Fuel Converter is designed for the engine coolant to flow through the center of the tube, while the fuel flows around the tube containing the engine coolant passing through screens that are plated with a proprietary blend of catalyst. The engine coolant flowing through the center of the tube creates a small amount of static electric charge while it also allows radiant heat from the coolant to heat the catalyst for consistent results for the PFC device.

A combination of the static charge combined with the types of catalyst used, creates massive electrolysis inside the catalyst chamber. This is what creates the breakage of the covalent bonds within fuel at low temperature inside the PFC device. The catalytic reaction weakens and breaks carbon bonds that make up hydrocarbon fuels.  Weakening and breaking of these carbon bonds make for an easier burning and cleaner burning fuel. The catalyzed fuel is then injected into the cylinders.

Once the fuel is injected into the cylinder and the fuel is ignited, more of the fuel is now able to burn during the first part of the power stroke, allowing for faster expansion of the gases.  Earlier in the cylinder (the power stroke) we are able to gain more power per stroke. With more of the catalyzed injected fuel being burnt in the first part of the stroke more of the overall fuel is being used leaving less to create HC, Co. and particulate matter to be pumped out the exhaust as pollutants.

The Phoenix Fuel Converter does not make fuel. It allows more of the fuel going into the engine to vaporize earlier, which in turn enables more of the fuel to produce power not wasted as heat in the exhaust or as pollutants in the air. Essentially – The Phoenix Fuel Converter allows any unleaded gasoline or diesel fuel injected, water cooled engine to operate much more efficiently.

The more fuel you burn inside the combustion chamber, the less fuel you will waste – creating a greener car, truck, or boat for the environment.

Each Phoenix Fuel Converter comes with a limited lifetime warranty and zero maintenance costs.