Kay Stewart – Testimonial 2008 Chevy Impala

IansMomTo say that Kay Stewart from  is in love with her Phoenix Fuel Converter would be a huge understatement. An Administrative Professional who calls Hillsboro, Missouri home decided to purchase a Phoenix Fuel Converter to help improve the fuel efficiency of her 2008 Chevrolet Impala. Typically our Phoenix Fuel Converters love to be drive for extended miles – as the consistent flow of coolant through the fuel converters at higher speeds actually helps to improve the efficiency of the unit. Kay typically drives her car to and from work, to the grocery store and in town to run errands. However, for the past few months, she has seen a 20 percent increase in her fuel efficiency.

When Kay had her fuel converter installed, she averaged 22.7 miles per gallon under typical driving conditions. Over the past 10 months, she has averaged 28.3 miles per gallon.

I love my Phoenix Fuel Converter! I immediately noticed that my car had a lot more power. I also noticed that we didn’t have to stop for gas as often. We’ve never had any issues with it. In fact, I’ve almost forgotten we have it on the car! Wish we would have had one on it from the moment we purchased the car. It would have saved us a lot of money!

Kay Stewart – (Missouri)

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