CleanFuelRevolutionThe Phoenix Fuel Converter is basically an on-board fuel refinery engineered for equipment powered by an internal combustion engine that is water cooled, fuel injected and runs on unleaded gasoline, diesel fuel or natural gas. The Phoenix Fuel Converter is designed to allow for engine coolant to flow through a tube in the center of the device while fuel flows around the tube and through screens plated with a proprietary blend of catalyst.

The engine coolant flowing through the center tube creates a small amount of static charge while it also allows radiant heat from the coolant to heat the catalyst in the device. A combination of the static charge, the radiant heat, and the types of catalyst used create a catalytic reaction between the hydrocarbon fuel and the catalyst inside the Phoenix Fuel Converter.

The catalytic reaction weakens and breaks covalent bonds that make up hydrocarbon fuel making for an easier and cleaner burning fuel. This catalyzed fuel is then injected into the engine cylinders and ignited. More of the fuel is now able to burn during the first part of the power stroke allowing for faster expansion of the gases and more power per stroke. More of the overall fuel is used leaving less particulate matter in diesel engines and overall emissions in gasoline engines to be pumped out the exhaust as pollutant.

By the Phoenix Fuel Converter weakening and breaking covalent bonds, it essentially creates a more volatile, higher quality fuel. Currently fuel sprayed or atomized into the engine remains as droplets in liquid form which does not completely burn. By employing normally wasted engine heat and a multi-stage designed catalyst, the Phoenix Fuel Converter makes fuel more compatible with your engine.


The Phoenix Fuel Converter is installed in gasoline engines in four easy steps:

  1. Install the Phoenix Fuel Converter in the coolant line from the heater core to the engine (unit must be on the flow side)
  2. Disconnect the stock fuel line to engine
  3. Add the fuel line and adapter and route to the Phoenix Fuel Converter
  4. Connect fuel through the Phoenix Fuel Converter to the engine


  • Each Phoenix Fuel Converter comes with complete installation instructions
  • The installation process for most small vehicles is straight-forward and can be easily completed by following the instructions even with limited mechanical knowledge.
  • For larger vehicles or diesel engines, a certified mechanic can complete the install typically in less than two hours.
Foose Performance

Foose Performance

Fooseâ„¢ Designs Performance Line of the Phoenix Fuel Converter

Phoenix Gas

Phoenix Gas

The Phoenix Fuel Converter designed for gasoline engines made for almost any internal combustion gasoline fueled engine.

Phoenix Diesel

Phoenix Diesel

Diesel engines from 100 to 3,000 hp.