Clancy Crooks – 2009 Toyota Camry Testimonial

Phoenix 100 Black Universal Kit

Phoenix 100 Black Universal Kit

In June 2015, The Phoenix Fuel Converter received an Executive Order from the California Air Resources Board to sell our units for vehicles under one-ton. One of our recent customers, Mr. Clancy Crooks from Cypress, California took notice and decided to purchase a Phoenix Fuel Converter – 100 Series for his four-cylinder 2009 Toyota Camry.

After installation, Mr. Crooks instantly noticed an increase in throttle response as well as increased fuel economy. Below is the testimonial from Mr. Crooks. We thank him for taking the time to write to us, updating his satisfaction of our Phoenix Fuel Converter.

Thank you guys at Phoenix Fuel Converter for installing this unit on my 2009 Toyota Camry. After installation the first thing I notice was the increased throttle response and performance. I drive this car 300 miles per week for work and have seen my miles per gallon go from 21 City to 24,5 and 31 Highway to 36.5 which is a 17% increase. With gasoline selling for around $4.00 in the Los Angeles area I enjoy this savings on a weekly basis. I fully believe in this product and would recommend it to anyone who wants to increase the gasoline mileage and performance of their car.

Clancy Crooks – Cypress, California

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