21 Percent Fuel Economy Savings with Phoenix Fuel Converter in Recent Testimonial

US Coast Guard Captain and Engineer Chris Shaffer gives us his unsolicited testimonial about how the Phoenix Fuel Converter helped him improve fuel economy by 21.4 percent in his Ford F-150 pick-up.

Phoenix-200When the Phoenix Fuel Converter was officially launched at SEMA 2014 several questions popped up from the entire automotive community. Armed with an official partnership with legendary automotive designer Chip Foose and the introduction of the Foose™ Performance Fuel converter at the largest automotive trade show in the United States, it became readily apparent that the Phoenix Fuel Converter was not your average, everyday aftermarket product.

With this recent video testimony provided by US Coast Guard Captain Chris Shaffer and the increase in fuel economy, throttle response and reduced emissions he discovered in his F-150 Ford Pick-up, many questions about the dependability and legitimacy of the Phoenix Fuel Converter are beginning to be answered in a positive light.

Phoenix Fuel Converter Officially Launched at SEMA 2014

diagram2Among the leading inquiries asked by automotive manufactures, professional race teams, and aftermarket manufacturers at SEMA 2014 was “how does the Phoenix Fuel Converter increase fuel mileage, while increasing horsepower and reducing emissions”? Well, let’s dig into some of the how’s and why’s of the Phoenix Fuel Converter and how this revolutionary coolant to catalyst heat exchanger can help any fuel injected, water cooled engine powered by unleaded gasoline, diesel fuel or natural gas improve fuel economy, increase horsepower and throttle response and burn up to 99 percent of the fuel inside the combustion chamber.

First Question – What is the Phoenix Fuel Converter?

The Phoenix Fuel Converter is a coolant to catalyst heat exchanger that circulates heated water from the engines coolant to heat the Catalyst inside the catalyst chamber. By creating a catalytic reaction with the fuel, we are able to speed up its ability to vaporize inside the engines intake manifold and inside the cylinders. The catalyst reacts with the fuel molecules and helps them break down large Hydrogen/Carbon chains, so they will be able to be used earlier in the combustion process. Normally the larger Hydrogen / Carbon chains do not vaporize under normal OEM standards until very late in the combustion process if they vaporize at all while in the combustion chamber.

The Phoenix Fuel Converter does not make fuel. It allows more of the fuel going into the engine to vaporize earlier, which in turn enables more of the fuel to produce power not wasted as heat in the exhaust or as pollutants in the air. Essentially – The Phoenix Fuel Converter allows any unleaded gasoline or diesel fuel injected, water cooled engine to operate much more efficiently.

Second Question – How does the Phoenix Fuel Converter Improve Fuel Economy?

street_performanceHave you ever wondered how a combustion engine works? On the average, your everyday fuel injected, water cooled combustion engine burns about 75 – 80 percent of the fuel that enters the combustion chamber. The excess, unburnt fuel is pushed through the exhaust port during the final piston stroke and exits your vehicles tail-pipe as ’emissions’. However, since the Phoenix Fuel Converter breaks apart the C-13 hydro-carbon molecule (also known as Kerosene) into smaller pieces, it becomes much easier for the engine to burn. This molecule is the most difficult one to burn inside the combustion engine – and is the leading element that makes up most vehicle emissions.

At the end of the day, fuel that has been ‘catalyzed’ through the Phoenix Fuel Converter burns at a much more efficient rate – up to 99.9 percent. The end result is that your engine will produce more power, without having to consume more fuel or air. It’s simply burning the fuel that is already inside the combustion chamber at a more efficient rate. This is why most consumers that install the Phoenix Fuel Converter on their water cooled, fuel injected engines that are powered by diesel, unleaded gasoline or natural gas show an average fuel efficiency improvement between 15 – 20 percent.

The testimonial of Captain Chris Shaffer is one of many that are beginning to stream into the offices at Catalyzed Fuel Technologies, LLC – the parent company of the Phoenix Fuel Converter. The revolutionary technology that makes up the fuel converter is the perfect solution to a growing need to improve fuel efficiency, reduce overall costs for automotive consumers, commercial fleets, marine applications, and the performance enthusiast – while also improving throttle response and helping to reduce vehicle emissions and improve everybody’s right to breathe. Learn more about the multiple advantages and solutions of the Phoenix Fuel Converter by browsing their website.





“The Holy Grail of Fuel Technology” – Chip Foose

The Phoenix Fuel Converter delivers  more performance, better gas mileage  and  reduced emissions.

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